Sri Lanka players unable to pay down payment and family insurance due to contractual deadlock with board


The stalemate between Sri Lankan cricketers and the SLC has taken a heavy toll on the personal lives of the players. According to an article in The Sunday Morning, players are unable to repay their families’ loans, IMEs and insurance because they have not received money from the board.

Several players did not sign the new contracts offered by the board earlier in the year, as the new contracts cost them a lot of money compared to their previous contracts. The deadlock therefore remains between the two parties.

The players had previously accepted temporary tour contracts for their tour of England, and now while hosting India.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). Photo credit: (Twitter)

The same report states that the players wrote a letter to the SLC, asking them to honor the contract and pay the old dues as soon as possible.

“Due to the new contract, we have not been paid of any kind since January 2021. The players are not clear on the new contract. They must be informed in writing. Under the new contract, players’ salaries must be reduced by 30%, ”the letter said.

The lack of annual contracts means that some players cannot even afford the monthly payments from the house, are unable to purchase insurance for their families; some have even postponed their marriage.

Angelo Mathews considers retirement after fighting with SLC

Angelo Mathews
Angelo Mathews, the Polyvalent from Sri Lanka. Image – AFP

Senior all-rounder Angelo Mathews, who was not selected for the England tour, has withdrawn from home matches against India for “personal reasons”. However, it has been reported that the Mathews are even considering retiring as his issues and those of other seniors persist with the board over contracts and payments.

As part of the new central contracts proposed by the board of directors, Mathews had to suffer a salary cut in the order of US $ 50,000 (approximately LKR 99 50,000), although he was one of the their star artists in recent years.

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