Swapzone COO Interview: How the Exchange Aggregator Survives Crypto Winter

Behind Swapzone: an interview with the COO

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Irina N, the COO of exchange aggregator Swapzone, spoke about the company’s plans and challenges, the crypto winter, the Swapzone team, and her own attitude.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Crypto trading could be a challenge. Swapzone really knows this and is creating a service that saves time and money by helping both experienced traders and newcomers to crypto buy and exchange cryptocurrency at the best rates and at the lowest possible costs. Conquering the crypto market from 2019, Swapzone is now facing the crypto winter with all its challenges like any other Web3 participant. Irina N, COO of Swapzone, outlined the company’s plans and inner workings to reveal how the business continues to grow during this challenging time.

— Tell us about yourself and Swapzone? What does the COO do in Swapzone?

— Swapzone is a dynamic and growing company, and it’s amazing! I joined the project in March 2022 and immediately fell into the team atmosphere. We are constantly working to improve service for our customers. Starting out as an information resource for the most popular crypto deals, Swapzone is now an advanced tool offering its users the best deals for over 700 crypto assets and thousands of trading pairs. We are also actively developing our commercial department by creating a referral program, which opens up additional sources of income for our customers and partners. In terms of tasks, I help my team to use their knowledge and resources most effectively, set the overall business and product direction of the project, and control business processes. I am also responsible for financial performance, technical logic and user satisfaction.

— What was your background in the crypto world?

I wasn’t a super dedicated crypto investor, but I had a small portfolio and traded from time to time. Basically I’m a good representative of part of the Swapzone audience – I researched the best crypto deals but was still too busy to switch between exchanges and eventually ended up finding one at random.

Professionally, I previously mainly developed e-commerce projects. Now it is very fascinating to delve into the crypto market – a whole new world has opened up for me. Although my previous experience was not directly related to cryptography, it is mainly an advantage because it is always advantageous to adopt approaches from aligned spheres.

— What is the main difference between working in crypto and e-commerce?

— E-commerce is more about well-constructed sales processes and – when it comes to commodities – primarily uses internet and email marketing. Crypto is more about the idea, and fintech in general is about facilitating user interaction with tools and services. At Swapzone, we solve this exact problem – helping users save money, time and personal data by bringing together the most compelling exchange offers in one interface.

— How does crypto winter affect Swapzone?

– Now it would probably be difficult to find a crypto project that is not affected by the crypto winter, the confidence in cryptocurrency has dropped significantly, but we are actively using this time to improve our service. Our users stay with us and we are very grateful for such great loyalty. In terms of trading, of course, we experienced a slight drop in trading volume during the first part of June – the so-called crypto-crash month, however, some major currency trading pairs (e.g. BTC to ETH) showed no decline in trading volume.

— What are the short and long term plans for the development of Swapzone?

– Just recently we made a major update – added functionality to buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat, and we plan to add more fiat offers and partners that support fiat payments in the future close. This means that our customers can, for example, buy BTC with USD now – also at the best rate without registration and verifications. As for the long-term development, we certainly have some ideas to surprise our users. What I get for sharing – several increases in the number of coins and exchangers available, without changing our main principles – ease of exchange, better rates, no registration and 24/7 support.

— What qualities do you appreciate in your team members?

— I will be brief: open-mindedness, independence, ability to accept constructive criticism, no deception, no fear of novelty. We encourage experimentation, follow market trends and respect ourselves and our customers.

— A great success and a big challenge in the management of Swapzone so far?

— This spring, we actively improved the referral API solution for our partners at Swapzone. In just two weeks we managed to accomplish what seemed impossible – now we have a super handy tool offering a new way to earn extra money for crypto wallets, exchangers, coins, bloggers and all those who have their own platform. Our solution includes a referral link, a widget (which can be integrated in 5 minutes) and a practical API, adaptable to any feed.
As for the challenge – the recent release of Terra gave us one. Swapzone was one of the first platforms to list both LUNA (Terra 2.0) and LUNC (Terra Classic). The listings followed the massive Terra crash, so we weren’t expecting a significant influx of users. Yet we were wrong, and the swapzone.io had a tough few minutes serving three times as many users as expected. Here I want to salute our team of developers, who found a solution in a few minutes. We are now ready for brewing times better than ever.

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