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Each year, The Denver Post invites families across Colorado to photograph their Christmas lighting installations and add them to our interactive map of festive christmas displays. This year we had almost 150 entries, and after going through so many epic Coloradans decorations, one thing became very clear: Colorado is no joke when it comes to holiday cheer.

This year, dozens of party displays used technology that synchronized dancing lights with music that can often be heard through outdoor speakers or by tuning into an FM radio station. By far the most popular of these displays comes from a Central Park family with a 10-year tradition of hosting over-the-top Christmas shows.

Provided by Tim Nicholson

After 10 years of hosting the exhibit, the Nicholson family’s Christmas lights are so popular that when there was an issue this year with the top of one of the ‘mega-trees’, the neighborhood s he rallied and the Denver firefighters pulled out a bucket truck. to help.

“It’s a year-round project,” said Tim Nicholson, who created the display with his wife, Allison, and their 7-year-old daughter, Grace, at their home at 3402 Trenton St. “Au spring and summer, we plan and build all the new items for that particular year, and schedule new songs. Each song takes around 15 to 20 hours to program. We start the actual installation (putting the lights on in the house) at the end of August. “

The Nicholsons – who have a head start thanks to Tim’s background in computer programming at Disney World and SeaWorld – program the entire 16-song show on their own, creating a display that runs for around 50 minutes. . The show runs from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every Thanksgiving night through New Year’s Day, drawing crowds of neighbors who watch the show from the sidewalk or in their cars while tuning into 97.7 FM.

This year, the family’s over-the-top efforts paid off and they won the Denver Post’s Holiday Lights contest. by a landslide with 634 votes. Readers voted by ‘liking’ each family’s Christmas light photo on Know’s Facebook page.

If you’re new to Colorado and live in the metro area, we’ll let you in local custom dating from 1914: Over here, we’re leaving our Christmas lights on until the 2022 National Western Stock Show ends, which ends on January 23.

The second place winner of this year’s Denver Post Holiday Lights contest: “Star Wars: The Battle for the North Pole,” a Highlands Ranch house decorated on all four sides with Santa, dinosaurs, characters from ” Star Wars ”and more. The house is located at 9973 Blackbird Place. (Provided by Ron DePoty)

After all, you’re putting a lot of work into this light-up display – you might as well make the most of it while providing a cheerful and bright welcome to Denver to the thousands of people who attend the show every year.

And if ever there was a year where we could all enjoy a little extra joy, this is it.

Visit to create your own map of local illuminated displays, accessible on foot or by car.

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