Top 5 tech stocks to buy on July 20, 2021


by Aratrika Dutta

July 20, 2021

Information technology can help grow businesses of all sizes. Investing in new technology can lower costs and increase profitability. The technology sector includes companies that sell goods and services in electronics, software, computers, artificial intelligence (AI) and other industries related to information technology ( TI). Keep abreast of the latest developments in information systems and communication technologies and invest in the most advantageous technology that suits you.

Analytics Insight presents the top 5 tech stocks that investors can buy today.

CDK Global Inc

Price today: $ 50.41

Market capitalization: US $ 6.1 billion

CDK Global provides integrated technology to the automotive, heavy truck, recreational and heavy equipment industries. The company helps auto dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) streamline and get the most out of their day-to-day operations.

HP Inc

Today’s Price: $ 29.20

Market capitalization: US $ 35.1 billion

HP is a global provider of personal computing, imaging and printing products and services. The company’s services include desktop and laptop computers, workstations, retail point-of-sale systems, displays, printers and hardware, as well as support and services. HP serves individuals, businesses of all sizes, and government customers.

Arrow Electronics Inc

Price today: $ 111.65

Market capitalization: US $ 8.2 billion

Arrow Electronics is a global supplier of electronic components, computer products and enterprising IT solutions for OEMs, contract manufacturers and other business customers. The company supplies batteries, displays, sensors, memory products and a wide range of other electronic components.

Intel Corp

Price today: $ 55.26

Market capitalization: US $ 223.1 billion

Intel designs and manufactures computer components and related products, including processors, chipsets, server products, memory and storage, Ethernet products, wireless connectivity products, and more.

Synnex Corp

Today Price: $ 118.92

Market capitalization: US $ 6.2 billion

Synnex is a provider of IT solutions and value-added services. It provides a wide range of distribution, logistics and integration services to the technology industry. Its core expertise includes computer systems and servers, system components, software, communications and security equipment, and consumer electronics.

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