Two-week extended state hotel program for people with disabilities


Vermont Business Magazine Following a complaint by Vermont Legal Aid regarding the termination of the hotel accommodation program managed and paid for by the Vermont Human Resources Agency, the court approved a plan presented by Legal Aid and the HHS to extend the program for an additional two weeks for those eligible. people with certain disabilities. It is extending the program for these people by two weeks. For everyone who has to leave the program, which represents more than 600 people, HHS is offering $ 2,500 plus $ 8,000 in housing assistance.

The hotel program was significantly expanded at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide accommodation for the homeless or others who meet eligibility rules. The state ends the expanded program on July 1, although some people will continue to be accommodated. Legal Aid sued the state to continue the program.

The state maintains that the financial obligation of the expanded program is unsustainable and intends to use federal funds to find permanent housing.

Below is the statement from HHS.

Statement from Ministry of Children and Families Commissioner Sean Brown Regarding the Temporary Order Stated in Gray-Rand v. Vermont Agency of Human Services

I am happy that this morning the parties in Gray-Rand v. Vermont Agency of Human Services agreed to a Temporary order stipulated (SEE BELOW) which will allow Vermonters enrolled in the General Emergency Housing Assistance Program to have an additional 14 days to gather the necessary documents to demonstrate that they meet the definition of “disability” in the new rule. . This court-approved agreement gives recipients of this benefit the time necessary to demonstrate their eligibility for the new definition. Current beneficiaries who would prefer a cash payment can still choose a one-time payment of $ 2,500.

The Social Services Agency and the Children and Families Department will respond to the underlying complaint in the coming weeks.

Those looking for information on whether they are eligible for the General Emergency Housing Assistance Program can contact the Ministry’s Benefits Services Division at 1-800-479-6151 or visit your local office. local district, located statewide. A full list of district offices can be found here:

Source: HHS 6.30.2021

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