Verona Children’s Museum stimulates children’s passion for science

Stimulate learning through play, direct experience and an interactive dimension. it’s a formula Children’s museum What has also started to spread in Italy in recent years, with the aim of fostering a love of museums among young people. These included Children’s museum From Verona, which was opened thanks to a social impact loan granted by UniCredit As part of its program Social impact of banking. The project, promoted by Pleiadi (an organization that cultivates a passion for science among families and children in innovative ways), aims to provide a journey of emotional and immersive experiences in the world of science. With the aim of bringing children and adults closer to the disciplines of Steam (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), an area where the proportion of graduates in Italy is still significantly lower than in other European countries (24.7 % on the peninsula against 32.2% in Germany).

the museum

It is located in Via Santa Teresa 12, and the space is distributed over two floors, with a total of one thousand square meters, and consists of different areas. This is the real museum, a major area with experimental activities and a laboratory called Think Lab. The museum in particular is divided into several spaces, each dealing with a different theme (water, light, mechanics, sound, logic, the human body) presented to visitors. Interactive offeredMechanical and digital construction and assembly tables to try out freely.

In vitro, they are made instead Workshops and educational activities in fields ranging from carpentry to mechanics, from creative writing to robotics, and even coding (computer programming). The approach is that Learn via the app, that is, starting from the concept we arrive at its understanding through practical experimentation.

The museum also houses a space inspired by Montessori model And the educational experience of early childhood centers and nurseries in Reggio Emilia, with visual and tactile sensory elements; a space to encourage pre-reading and pre-writing; installations inspired by the principles of engineering and pneumatics; 16m of pools offer more than 40 aquatic activities and a sensory room where games and science combine to stimulate the five senses. Closes with a vertical rope tunnel where children and adults can climb to a height of 3.5 meters

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