Virginia Tech can’t be doubted after emphatically knocking out Duke to win ACC title, NCAA Tournament bid – The Athletic

Bracketologists didn’t like Virginia Tech, and Hokies fans didn’t want to hear it.

Understand where they came from. Years of almost and snubs from the NCAA Tournament of the Seth Greenberg years have left their scars, with what looked like a change in criteria keeping the NIT Hokies tied for much of his tenure.

So to be told this team – the one that had snatched 12 wins from 14 games, that just had its best victory hammering North Carolina, that had all kinds of advanced metrics on its side and, most importantly, that had the Looks of the game – still had some work to do to lock in his spot in the Big Dance due to his lack of Quadrant 1 wins was, well, triggering.

Worry no more, Hokies fans. Virginia Tech has locked in its place in the NCAA Tournament the old-fashioned way: it’s earned it.



Dare we say… easily?

The Hokies looked Duke straight in the eye and were altogether better on Saturday night in Brooklyn, winning 82-67 to claim their first ACC basketball title and first basketball conference championship since 1979. in the age of the metro. Virginia Tech is the first No. 7 or higher seed to win the ACC Tournament.

Hunter Cattoor resumed his scorching effort in Tallahassee, making seven 3-pointers and scoring 31 points. Keve Aluma added 19, finishing a four-game tournament with 76 points.

Whenever Duke felt it might do a boost, Virginia Tech countered unfazed. There was nothing awkward about it.

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