“Why authors should write in native languages”

By Dalhatu Liman & Kabiru Yayo Ali

A Nigerian writer, Dr Bukar Usman, has said there is no justification for Nigerian authors to write books using “foreign languages”.

He said writing books in native languages ​​is more effective than using foreign languages.

Dr Bukar Usman, who recently received a prestigious award from the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) in Ibadan, urged Nigerian and African writers to hold their mother tongues in high regard, just like writers in China and Germany did so, adding that it would help spread awareness of the mother tongues globally.

“I have written books in Hausa and English which have been translated into some languages ​​and small pamphlets which I have hired to translate into Igbo and Yoruba. year,” he said.

Dr Usman also advised potential writers to master their local languages: “Young writers should strive to learn Nigerian languages ​​as it is the only way to succeed in writing a book in one of our native languages. in the future,” he said.

He however said that the lack of computer programming language with Nigerian languages ​​could be a major impediment to achieving the goal, and therefore called on publishing stakeholders to explore ways to integrate letters/ native alphabets in computer programming to help young writers develop Nigerian languages.

Speaking on the challenges faced by writers in Nigeria, he said, “It used to be the printing companies that publish a manuscript written by the writer and then recoup their expenses when the book is sold. Unfortunately, this is no longer available; you must first settle everything before the publication of your manuscript.

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