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This year’s horror titles have really covered the gamut of genres. Resident Evil Village played on classic horror elements and operated a beloved franchise, while Return Newly burst into the genre by combining a roguelike sci-fi FPS with elements of psychological horror. As 2021 draws to a close, the gaming community looks to the future of the horror genre, and there is already cause for optimism. For example, a recently revealed independent title turns a lot of heads: Did us wrong. A project from industry newcomer Delusional Studio, Made us wrong is an open world horror title where players try to survive horrors hidden in every corner of an abandoned city.


It is not surprising that Made us wrong is already gaining momentum. It is openly inspired by many very influential games that came before it. Delusional Studio describes Made us wrong as a combination of Dark soulsopen world and quest design, silent Hillthe atmosphere and storytelling of, and resident Evilthe gameplay of. It’s a rich concoction of dark games that might put Delusional Studio on the map, but what exactly is this studio? As with any independent developer, the origins of the ambitious studio are just as interesting to contemplate as the game itself. While there isn’t much information about Delusional Studio, its known history is very familiar among indie games.

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The creator of Wronged Us

Screenshot from the upcoming horror game Wronged Us showing a guy looking up a hill and seeing two headless people.

The Made us wrong The trailer continues to rack up views, which is a testament to the presentation of the game so far. In turn, that says a lot about Delusional Studio’s accomplishments, which have been even more impressive since. Made us wrong apparently only has a solo developer. Although the game has been in development for over a year, it looks like the creator of Made us wrong and Delusional Studio worked on it alone for much of that time. Independent fans are no strangers to impressive solo projects – Toby Fox’s almost entirely solo work on Subtitle, for example — so Made us wrong“The origins are very familiar.

However, it looks like Delusional Studio is in the process of being developed. On the studio’s website, it is stated that he is looking for a complete team to finish Made us wrong‘ development. Developing a single-player game is awesome, but it’s certainly not easy, so it’s pretty rational that Delusional Studio seeks help. It is also a fairly familiar story. Last year, Phasmophobia has taken the gaming community by storm. When Phasmophobia started Early Access, it was also a solo developer project, but its creator has engaged help since then. Phasmophobia continues to thrive under the leadership of a growing team, so the same could happen for Wronged Us.

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The promising future of Delusional Studio

wronged us bandage man gun

Crazy studio and the Made us wrong the identity of the creator are largely mysteries apart from these facts, which is quite similar to the early days of Phasmophobia too much. The only thing that is very clear about Delusional Studio is that its founder has a strong appreciation for classic horror games. The credit he gives to silent Hill and resident Evil is not lip service. The decrepit, abandoned city and the various mysterious monsters featured in the trailer perfectly clarify the sources of inspiration. The Silent Hill Style setting and resident Evil the monsters seem to be a strong combination.

One more word on the spirit behind Made us wrong may not be around the corner, as the studio says they have a lot of work to do. Even so, there is already a lot of hope that Made us wrong will begin to develop a strong community with which the studio can interact. The response to the trailer has been overwhelmingly positive and the studio is already attracting followers on its various social media accounts. Made us wrong has already been set up for success, and Delusional Studio should be happy to have many people interested in what it is working on. If he delivers wronged us, then he could cement his place in the world of independent horror.

Made us wrong will be released in 2023 for PC and consoles.

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